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Walking with Kids, by The Hiking Household

Walking with kids

There are many reasons why going for a walk with your children may fill you with dread – the potential tantrums, the effort it takes to get small children ready to embark on a hike and the never-ending asking of “are we nearly at the end yet?” I will admit it is enough to put most families off. However, we all know that walking has a whole host of different health benefits and now that the days are longer, Summer is approaching and lockdown is easing there really is no better time to dust off those walking boots and get set for a family hike!

As a Mum of four young children, and the founder of The Hiking Household, I have first-hand experience of the many highs and lows that present when walking with children. To better understand how to prepare for a hike with children I have grouped a few top tips to keep in mind when preparing for those family walks.


Get Set, Go!

Often the walk itself is the easy part when walking with kids; the hardest part is getting everyone up, out, and in the car and ready to go! I have learned from experience to not leave anything to the last minute, chaos in the morning will just stress you all out before you have even gotten in the car to begin your walk. Before any of our long family walks, I always prepare the clothes the night before – check the weather and see if thermals are needed and lay all clothes out that you may need. You do not want to be halfway up a Wainwright wishing you had that extra layer for your cross, cold toddler!

Nature trails, train spotting, bike rides – keep it fun!

This may seem obvious but do try and remember who you are hoping will benefit from your walk. If your child is interested in nature then focus on this, if you have children who love trains then head on a walk where you will see trains pass. If walking Wainwrights each weekend doesn’t excite your children then head out on a bike ride instead. It may seem simple but if your children think that they are going to watch the trains, or hunt for the birds with their binoculars, they will not only complete the walk but they will have a whole heap of fun during it too!


Food is ALWAYS the hidden secret to success!

I quite honestly do not leave the house without a bag full of snacks, not only for the children but for myself - parents need their strength too! These snacks do not just provide great energy but also, most importantly, deliver much-needed bribery to reach the summit of your walk. I find having a treat at the halfway point of your walk keeps the children motivated on the way there, and keeps their energy levels high on the way down. Nothing is worse than a hungry toddler… or a hungry, tired parent!


Be kind to yourself

This is something that I also need to remind myself of, more often – if your walk does not go to plan, then just remember that you have still done a lot more than just sitting in front of the TV for that day!

It is much easier said than done but focusing on the good and ignoring the not so good does work. Try not to focus on the fact your children may be making the walk slightly difficult, instead, praise them for joining you on your hike. Perhaps distract them with phrases such as “Shall we play eye spy?” or “can you count the sheep in the field?” I have found language plays a huge part in how our family walks are delivered; if I manage to keep my patience and ignore the not so good behaviour the children soon shift their negative moods.

So what have I discovered during my time outside with my young children? No matter what have fun. You do not need to walk Wainwrights or head to the tallest mountain in the Peak District to enjoy your time outside. It is often the simplest of walks that provide my family with the best memories – a morning climbing trees, a day trip to the seaside or an afternoon jumping in muddy puddles, however, your family enjoy being outside just remember the memories that you are making for your little ones is what counts.


The Hiking Household is designed to be a go-to guide for families of all abilities who are keen to get outside with their brood! If you want to see more from The Hiking Household then head over to their website or click on their logo at the start of the blog.


Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe. Thank you so much for visiting the site and don't forget, go outdoors, keep exploring and spread the love for outdoors, as there's no better place to be :-)

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